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3D Selfies To Come In Snapchat?

By iRepair | Jun 26 2016

In a recent very interesting news Snapchat acquired Seene, the 3D photo maker app also known as Obvious Engineering. The deal was done couple of months back. The engineering team at Seene uses its computer vision technology to turn a normal smartphone camera into capturing 3D images.

CTO and co-founder Sam Hare is the person who is behind the engineering team. He has done PhD in computer vision with specialization in real-time applications. Snapchat having acquired Seene, might venture into virtual reality, gaming and obviously 3D photography.

The biggest factor that differentiates between Seene’s 3D technology and others like project Tango or Microsoft’s Kinect is that for Seene everything happens on the smartphone. There are no special sensors, infrared or anything like that. It doesn’t even need any cloud server computing as all the work happens on the user phone itself. Snapchat can use the technology to create 3D selfies and might even monetize the feature. But obviously there is better and much bigger role that the technology is going to play.