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When smart phones first became popular, most users spent a majority of their time talking on the phone. Today, despite the name, cell phone users rarely talk on the phone. Instead, they use several of the other features of smart phones that were not even available on the original cell phones.

Some surveys suggest that up to 90% of teenagers with smart phones prefer to text rather than talk. The number of text messages sent in an average day. College students spend an average of 94 minutes each day sending and receiving text messages from their smart phones.

The second-most used feature on smart phones is the camera. Selfies are practically a mainstream phenomenon, now. And, let’s face it, a picture can be the fastest form of communication possible.

Mobile Photography as an Art Form

More than just a form of convenient communication and self-expression, mobile photography is reaching the level of art. Just like the digital camera revolutionized home photography, making it easier and cheaper to practice, the phone camera is stretching the boundaries of taking photos anywhere.

Having a camera that fits in your pocket, attached to your phone, which you never leave home without, gives you the convenience of capturing whatever you run across. With easy-to-use zoom and editing features, smart phone cameras give everyone the power to create art.

Uses For Your Smart Phone Camera

Beyond just taking selfies, you can discover plenty of uses for the camera on your smart phone, including:

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with your smart phone camera. The best part is that it is always with you, so you won’t miss an opportunity to document a scene or create a work of art.

The first cell phone with a built in camera no doubt received criticism. Why would you want a camera in your phone? Now, we can’t imagine a smart phone without the capability of taking and sending still photos and video. Phone cameras are just one more thing you didn’t know you needed until you got one.

If you need help with your smart phone camera or any other features on your cell phone, stop into iRepair in the Trincity Mall. Our technicians can show you the optimal way to use your phone’s features or help you choose a new phone or accessory.

Your phone’s speed is lagging, your screen might be cracked, or your phone is just not the latest model. These are a few of the reasons that might lead you to question whether it’s better to repair your phone or to simply replace it. Here are a few factors to consider when making this decision:


We all know a new smart phone is an expensive investment. So, would it make more financial sense to look into repairing your phone instead?

Are you only dealing with a cracked screen? Repairing a screen could cost around $100, which is much less than the cost of a new phone. Common fixes may be much cheaper than you might expect.

Are parts of your phone just not working? For this, you will need to speak with a reputable cell phone repair shop. Getting a repair estimate will help clarify the new mobile phone cost versus repair cost question.

Storage / Speed

Have you run out of room on your phone to store your music, apps, or videos? If your phone has a slot for a storage card, you can purchase a larger capacity card which would be a quick, and relatively inexpensive, solution. You can also download items to the Cloud, a photo storage program, or to your computer which will also free up space.

Has your phone slowed down? It could simply be a matter of not keeping the phone updated. Check your settings to see if your phone is up-to-date. If an update is not the issue, you should have the phone checked out at a cell phone repair shop to see if there might be an easy fix.

Carrier Upgrade

One thing to check out is to see if your carrier offers a periodic upgrade to a newer model. There may be fees involved, but it would be a cheaper way to get a new phone. Of course, your carrier will require that you sign up for an additional period, which is usually another two years. Make sure you are okay with that.

Selling old/broken phones

If the repair shop deems your phone a loss, you may be able to sell it even if it’s broken. Check out a cell phone purchasing service to see how much your phone might be worth to them.

Consider the time involved

Your phone is important to you. You use it for everything: phone calls, photos, and for obtaining information. So, you should check out how much time it would take to repair the phone. Then think about how much time it would take you to setup a new device with installing all your apps and settings. If the repair is a quick one that can be done on the spot, then it would make sense to go ahead and fix it.

Talk to a professional

Repairing your device may be the more efficient and money-saving route. The only way to know for sure is to speak with a good cell phone repair shop, like iRepair in the Trincity Mall. Use them as a valuable and cost saving resource.

There are many options when it comes to picking a charger for your iPhone. You will have to figure out which one works best for your lifestyle, or perhaps you’ll decide a combination of charging products fits best. Below are a variety of chargers to consider:

Belkin’s ColorMatch Charge Kit

One of many products that recommends is Belkin’s ColorMatch Charge Kit that works for both iPhone and iPads. It’s a 4-in-1 charging kit that comes in a variety of metallic colors: silver, gold, rose gold, and black. The kit includes a two-port battery charger, a car charger, a home charger, and a lightning cable.

iPhone Lightning Dock

You can use the iPhone Lightning Dock to charge and sync any iPhone that has a Lightning connector. It’s ideal for your desk or countertop as you can easily continue to use your iPhone because it sits upright in the dock while syncing or charging. You can connect the dock to your computer via the USB cable to sync, or to an electrical outlet via the Apple USB Power Adaptor to charge. This product comes in four metallic finishes: black, silver, gold, and space gray.

Smart Battery Case

For iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7, there are Smart Battery Cases which give you even longer battery life while offering great protection. Soft microfiber lining helps protect your iPhone. The silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. A soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to remove the case. You can simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case for increased talk time up to 26 hours. Battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in the Notification Center when the case is on, so you know exactly how much charge you have left. The case works with Lightning accessories, such as the Lightning cable and the iPhone Lightning Dock.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

You can choose to charge your Apple Watch in a flat position with its band open, or on its side. When docked on its side, your watch automatically goes into Nightstand mode, so you can also use it as your alarm clock. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple Watch and it connects via the Lightning to USB Cable and Apple 5W USB Power Adapter.

Coming soon: AirPower

At some point in 2018, Apple is set to launch the AirPower. It is an oval-shaped wireless charging pad that promises to work with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the Apple Watch and a new wireless charging AirPods case (wireless ear buds) that Apple will release in the future.

Buyer beware

In 2016, Apple sued an Amazon vendor for selling counterfeit Apple products. Apple had found a “flood” of fake products being offered on Amazon’s US site. Not only is this bogus equipment not up to Apple’s quality standards, but these sham chargers can be quite dangerous as some have caught fire.

Find the real deal

So, to avoid encountering imposter products, find a reputable dealer or cell phone repair shop, such as iRepair, that carries legitimate Apple and Android merchandise.

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We rely on our smart phones for so much: keeping us in touch with friends and family, searching for information and answers, taking selfies, and even checking out the weather. Right after worrying about finding a place with a strong signal, our biggest concern is how long our battery charge will last. For both Android phones and iPhones, there are a lot of tips out there for getting the longest battery life and here are a few of them:


Always make sure your phone has the latest updates. Updates may contain fixes for problems and issues that are putting a drain on your battery. Regularly updating will help ensure your phone is running as smoothly as possible, thereby conserving your battery life.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Like Goldilocks, lithium-ion batteries like temperatures that are just right. Too low and the ions inside the battery move sluggishly through the electrolyte slowing everything down. Too high and the battery gets “juiced” but the battery’s degradation accelerates. On tropical islands you need to make sure to keep your phone out of direct sunlight and as cool as possible.

Reduce screen brightness

Phones these days come with amazing displays full of color and movement, however all this amazing-ness comes at a cost to your battery. You can easily turn down the screen brightness a bit without losing too much.

Turn off GPS/Location services

If you are not traveling and needing to use mapping services to find your way, turn off the GPS/location services. You can also check out which apps track your location, and if they don’t really need to know where you are minute by minute, disable their ability to do so.

Reset your screen timeout or auto lock modes

If you are not using your phone, yet it is sitting there brightly using up lots of power, you need to take action. Reset your screen timeout or auto lock modes to a specific amount of time that the phone will stay “awake” when not actively being used.

Disable Bluetooth

Unless you need your phone to connect to a Bluetooth device, disable that function.

Turn on the power saving or low power mode

Scroll through your phone’s settings to see if you can choose a power savings mode that can extend the battery life, sometimes by a lot. Try the different modes to see which one works best for you.

Use Airplane Mode

If you are in an area with spotty service, put your phone into airplane mode so it doesn’t waste battery life continually searching for service that is just not there.

What is draining your battery?

Again, visit your phone’s settings where you will be able to see a listing of applications in the order of their power usage. If you see apps that you do not, or rarely, use, you can uninstall them or put those apps into sleep mode.

Check out battery usage or device maintenance settings

Your phone can run a diagnostic which will show you any issues that are keeping your phone from running at its best and it may be able to fix those issues.

Questions? Need advice?

As always, if you have questions or need advice about your phone’s settings and the best way to keep your phone running optimally, stop in to iRepair at the Trincity Mall where the technicians can give you the right answers.

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What to do Before Selling or Trading Your Phone

So, you have decided it’s time to get a new mobile phone. Congratulations. There are a lot of great brands and amazing models to choose from. But, what do you do with your current phone? Well, you can sell it through a service like Gazelle, or if you have a cell plan with a major carrier, you could trade in your current phone towards the cost of a new smart phone.

According to Gazelle’s newsletter, The Horn, there are ten steps you should take before recycling your phone:

  1. Clean Your Phone

In order to turn in your phone in the best condition, start by cleaning it using rubbing alcohol (but do not use too much because you could cause liquid damage), a microfiber lint-free cloth, and cotton swabs for hard to reach areas.

  1. Back up Your Phone

This is a very important step. You need to back up all of your data so it can be easily transferred to your new phone.

For an iPhone, tap Settings, then iCloud, and then choose Storage & Backup. Make sure you enable the iCloud Backup feature, then select Back Up Now to move your data to the cloud.

For an Android phone, it’s a little more involved. For starters, Google Sync backs up most of your data for you – all you have to do is go to your Settings menu and select Accounts and Sync.

You can also back up your data the old-fashioned way, by using the USB cable to connect your Android phone to a computer, and then copy all your files.

  1. Reset to Factory Settings

Protecting your personal information is really important. A factory reset essentially gives your phone a clean slate by wiping it of all data and returning it to its condition when you first bought it.

With an iPhone, it’s pretty easy. Go to the Settings menu, tap General, select Reset, then Erase All Content. With an Android phone, conduct a factory reset by tapping Menu, then select Settings, Privacy, and Factory Data Reset. To remove all data, press Reset Phone.

  1. Encrypt Your Data

After you reset your phone, you’re not done. Reset will remove a good chunk of your data, but if you have an Android phone, be aware that even a full factory reset may not eliminate your email addresses, texts, and even selfies! This is why it’s essential that you encrypt your data before wiping it. When you encrypt your phone, everything becomes scrambled, and your data is made unreadable. With iPhones, encryption occurs naturally; with some Android phones, you have to do it manually via the settings menu.

  1. Remove SIM or SD Cards

If you know how, pull out your SIM card from your iPhone, or unmount and remove your SD card from your Android device. This is very important, as it will ensure your personal data is protected. How to remove the cards varies based on the phone model, and older iPhones can be more of a challenge. If you’re not sure, check your manual or ask your wireless provider for help. Once you successfully remove your SIM or SD card, place it somewhere for safe keeping.

  1. Find Your Phone Model

Before you trade-in or sell your phone, you need to determine your exact model. There are a couple of ways to do this. Probably the easiest is to go to Settings, and scroll down until you see About Phone. The name of your device and model number will be indicated there.

  1. Assess Your Phone for Water Damage

Most phones use stickers to indicate water damage. If the sticker turns a certain color — for an iPhone, it’s pink — it means the phone’s been exposed to water. The trickiest part is finding the stickers as their location varies depending on the model of your phone. For Samsung Galaxy phones, the watermark is usually underneath the battery; in the case of an iPhone, check the SIM card slot. Do a Google search for your phone model, and then follow the instructions.

  1. Perform a Function Test

Confirm that your phone is working without a hitch. Check your power button and volume, the charge port, touch screen, of course your camera, and the Wi-Fi antenna and backlight, to make sure they’re in good working condition.

  1. Evaluate the Cosmetic Condition of Your Phone

Let’s make this easy. If your phone doesn’t turn on properly, or its screen is shattered or cracked, then your phone is broken. It is what it is.

As long as your phone powers on and its blemishes aren’t severe, your phone in all likelihood is in good condition. Most phones Gazelle examines fit this profile.

Most used phones are not what Gazelle would call flawless. Select this option only if your phone still looks and works like it’s brand new.

  1. Calculate Your Phone’s Value

Gazelle evaluates your phone’s value by combining the results of your function test with its cosmetic condition. It takes just a minute here to see what your used phone’s worth. From there, Gazelle makes it easy by sending you a shipping box, and then paying you via check, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card.

Need Help?

If backing up your phone is proving too complicated, or if you need advice on wiping all of your personal information, visit a cell phone repair shop such as iRepair in the Trincity Mall. They can provide you with guidance on the safest way to get rid of your current phone and on your choices for your new phone.

Data security is a big issue recently with more and more reports of hackers gaining access to people’s person information. Recent publicity about Facebook’s ability and willingness to protect personal data has shed more light on the problem of security.

What could be more personal than the information in your cell phone. If it got into the wrong hands, your smart phone would reveal the content of your private messages and email, along with phone numbers of friends and family, websites you’ve visited and passwords.

Tips for Protecting Cell Phone Data

Here are some things you can do to keep the personal information on your cell phone free from hackers:

Software updates — It can be a hassle to download a new operating system or updates to the apps on your phone. It takes time and sometimes they alter the appearance of your screen. These updates are often created for your protection, though, and should not be ignored. Each new update comes with security fixes or patches to potential security risks the programmers discovered. Always download new updates when they become available.

Limit your apps — Not everything available for download on your phone is safe. When choosing a new app, pay attention to where it is coming from and who is using it. Many apps are designed to tap into the information or features on your phone. Check the reviews on an app before installing it and only choose those from reputable developers.

Use a password — Your phone should be password protected no matter where you go and how you use it. It can be an added problem to unlock your phone every time you want to use it. It will be a bigger problem if someone finds or steals your phone and gets access to all your information. The password also provides you with some protection against hackers who do not need to be in possession of your phone to see your data.

Public wifi — Many locations offer free wifi on an open network. It is meant to be convenient for the public to access the internet for free, but it can also be a convenient way for someone to steal your information from your phone. Protect your cell phone by not automatically signing onto public wifi. Stick with your mobile internet connection unless you are confident in the security on a public network.

Hackers are everywhere, unfortunately, and our abundance of electronic devices makes us susceptible to data theft. With some basic precautions you can keep your cell phone safe and enjoy the convenience of calling, texting or accessing the internet from anywhere.

If you think your smart phone was hacked, bring it into the smart phone repair professionals at iRepair in Trinidad and Tobago. We can clean it, check it for bugs, and give you some suggestions for protecting the security of your information.


Your cell phone may seem like a magical device that gives you the answers, directions and calls from home wherever you go. It does not, however, possess the magical ability to fly or float, and this is where problems can begin.

The outer shell of your cell phone protects the delicate operating system that connects you to your data, your friends, and the world wide web. Once it is breached, the heart of your mobile device is at risk. Still, cell phone damage is common and can often be repaired without affecting the life of your device.

Common Cell Phone Accidents
Some common ways that mobile phones get damaged include:

• Dropping your phone into the toilet
• Jumping into water with the phone in your pocket
• Knocking the phone onto the floor
• Sitting or stepping on the phone
• Spilling a drink onto your cell phone

Sometimes the phone just slips right out of your hand while you are texting on the go. It can happen to anyone. Your kids distract you and next thing you know your mobile phone is flying through the air. When it lands, the glass is shattered. The phone is destroyed.

Recovering from Cell Phone Disaster
In most cases, though, your cell phone is not destroyed. A qualified smart phone repair service can fix it and get you back to texting and googling as if nothing happened. If you experience these types of damage, get your phone into a repair service right away:

Cracked screen — No one should have to squint at a cracked screen to operate their phone. More importantly, the screen on your phone or tablet is there to protect the delicate hardware inside. Get that screen repaired or replaced right away, so the operating system in your phone remains undamaged.

Water damage — When your mobile device is exposed to liquid of any kind, it is vulnerable to failure. The extent of the water damage is highly dependent on how long the internal components remain wet. If your phone or tablet are damaged by water, bring them to a cell phone repair service as quickly as possible. The technicians will do what they can to dry out the components and repair any damage they sustained.

Modern smart phones are expensive and delicate, the perfect combination for a potential disaster. It does not matter how careful you are, one day that phone could slip out of your back pocket and land in the toilet before you know what’s happening. Even with a shock-proof case, your phone might land on the floor at just the right angle to crack the glass, or you might step on it accidentally.

Finding a mobile phone repair service in Trinidad and Tobago could bring a happy end to your cell phone disaster. Many of the stores that sell mobile devices do not offer repairs, however. They just want to sell you another phone. Getting your mobile device fixed after a minor accident can save you time and money.

Here are some things to look for when you need to fix your cell phone:

Look for a repair service that specializes in mobile devices
Smart phones are complicated, and not everyone has the skill or the tools to complete your repairs. The best mobile phone repair service in Tobago specializes in repairing cell phones and mobile devices. You don’t want to trust your expensive smart phone to an electronics repair service that does cell phones on the side. When you find a mobile phone repair service that only fixes mobile devices, you know your phone will be in good hands.

Find a repair service in a convenient location
A mobile phone disaster can be a huge inconvenience. Most people live on their phone, so when it is broken, your life is disrupted. The best mobile phone service is one that is near you and can perform most repairs onsite. You want to carry your cell phone, with all of its broken pieces, into the repair service yourself and explain what happened. The best way to get quick and convenient cell phone repair service is at a location near you.

Use a repair service well versed in multiple brands
Apple maintains an air of exclusivity by only providing service for iPhones, but as we pointed out in a previous blog, that is just an excuse to charge higher prices. Mobile devices and their accessories are not produced exclusively by brand-loyal manufacturers. What is more important in a mobile phone repair service is that they can fix all different brands. You should be able to bring your broken iPhone and your sister’s Android to the same place for repairs.

Just about everyone has a cell phone, and accidents do happen. Getting your mobile device fixed rather than replacing it makes good financial sense. Choosing the right cell phone repair service can save you time and money, and help you get the most out of your investment in a smart phone.

For all consumers who think it is cheaper to buy that charger or other accessory on amazon, please read that article on yahoo about apple accessories. And we always wondered why amazon had lower prices that our trusted wholesaler. Do to the lonk or read the entire article below:

A new lawsuit filed by Apple contends that 90 percent of iPhone devices and Apple accessories it recently purchased from Amazon were fakes.

The lawsuit targets a company called Mobile Star, LLC, and alleges that it is selling phony power products on Amazon that “pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock.”

Apple says it purchased the products directly through Amazon, not a third party. Amazon is not named in the lawsuit, according to an Associated Press report.

As part of its investigation, Apple bought more than 100 items, including:

Apple says it filed the lawsuit “to protect its customers from dangerous counterfeit power products such as power adapters and charging cables” that Amazon sourced from Mobile Star.

Consumers relying on Amazon’s reputation “have no reason to suspect the power products they purchased from are anything but genuine,” the lawsuit says:

This is particularly true where, as here, the products are sold directly “by” as genuine Apple products using Apple’s own product marketing images.

CBS News says Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the lawsuit. Meanwhile, an Associated Press report says Mobile Star also did not respond to a request for comment.

The lawsuit also contends that Mobile Star supplied Groupon with dangerous counterfeit Apple power products.