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Can my Cell Phone Really be Repaired?

By iRepair | May 24 2018

Your cell phone may seem like a magical device that gives you the answers, directions and calls from home wherever you go. It does not, however, possess the magical ability to fly or float, and this is where problems can begin.

The outer shell of your cell phone protects the delicate operating system that connects you to your data, your friends, and the world wide web. Once it is breached, the heart of your mobile device is at risk. Still, cell phone damage is common and can often be repaired without affecting the life of your device.

Common Cell Phone Accidents
Some common ways that mobile phones get damaged include:

• Dropping your phone into the toilet
• Jumping into water with the phone in your pocket
• Knocking the phone onto the floor
• Sitting or stepping on the phone
• Spilling a drink onto your cell phone

Sometimes the phone just slips right out of your hand while you are texting on the go. It can happen to anyone. Your kids distract you and next thing you know your mobile phone is flying through the air. When it lands, the glass is shattered. The phone is destroyed.

Recovering from Cell Phone Disaster
In most cases, though, your cell phone is not destroyed. A qualified smart phone repair service can fix it and get you back to texting and googling as if nothing happened. If you experience these types of damage, get your phone into a repair service right away:

Cracked screen — No one should have to squint at a cracked screen to operate their phone. More importantly, the screen on your phone or tablet is there to protect the delicate hardware inside. Get that screen repaired or replaced right away, so the operating system in your phone remains undamaged.

Water damage — When your mobile device is exposed to liquid of any kind, it is vulnerable to failure. The extent of the water damage is highly dependent on how long the internal components remain wet. If your phone or tablet are damaged by water, bring them to a cell phone repair service as quickly as possible. The technicians will do what they can to dry out the components and repair any damage they sustained.