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How to Protect your Cell Phone from Hackers

By iRepair | Jun 17 2018

Data security is a big issue recently with more and more reports of hackers gaining access to people’s person information. Recent publicity about Facebook’s ability and willingness to protect personal data has shed more light on the problem of security.

What could be more personal than the information in your cell phone. If it got into the wrong hands, your smart phone would reveal the content of your private messages and email, along with phone numbers of friends and family, websites you’ve visited and passwords.

Tips for Protecting Cell Phone Data

Here are some things you can do to keep the personal information on your cell phone free from hackers:

Software updates — It can be a hassle to download a new operating system or updates to the apps on your phone. It takes time and sometimes they alter the appearance of your screen. These updates are often created for your protection, though, and should not be ignored. Each new update comes with security fixes or patches to potential security risks the programmers discovered. Always download new updates when they become available.

Limit your apps — Not everything available for download on your phone is safe. When choosing a new app, pay attention to where it is coming from and who is using it. Many apps are designed to tap into the information or features on your phone. Check the reviews on an app before installing it and only choose those from reputable developers.

Use a password — Your phone should be password protected no matter where you go and how you use it. It can be an added problem to unlock your phone every time you want to use it. It will be a bigger problem if someone finds or steals your phone and gets access to all your information. The password also provides you with some protection against hackers who do not need to be in possession of your phone to see your data.

Public wifi — Many locations offer free wifi on an open network. It is meant to be convenient for the public to access the internet for free, but it can also be a convenient way for someone to steal your information from your phone. Protect your cell phone by not automatically signing onto public wifi. Stick with your mobile internet connection unless you are confident in the security on a public network.

Hackers are everywhere, unfortunately, and our abundance of electronic devices makes us susceptible to data theft. With some basic precautions you can keep your cell phone safe and enjoy the convenience of calling, texting or accessing the internet from anywhere.

If you think your smart phone was hacked, bring it into the smart phone repair professionals at iRepair in Trinidad and Tobago. We can clean it, check it for bugs, and give you some suggestions for protecting the security of your information.