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Mobile Phone Photography

By iRepair | Oct 05 2018

When smart phones first became popular, most users spent a majority of their time talking on the phone. Today, despite the name, cell phone users rarely talk on the phone. Instead, they use several of the other features of smart phones that were not even available on the original cell phones.

Some surveys suggest that up to 90% of teenagers with smart phones prefer to text rather than talk. The number of text messages sent in an average day. College students spend an average of 94 minutes each day sending and receiving text messages from their smart phones.

The second-most used feature on smart phones is the camera. Selfies are practically a mainstream phenomenon, now. And, let’s face it, a picture can be the fastest form of communication possible.

Mobile Photography as an Art Form

More than just a form of convenient communication and self-expression, mobile photography is reaching the level of art. Just like the digital camera revolutionized home photography, making it easier and cheaper to practice, the phone camera is stretching the boundaries of taking photos anywhere.

Having a camera that fits in your pocket, attached to your phone, which you never leave home without, gives you the convenience of capturing whatever you run across. With easy-to-use zoom and editing features, smart phone cameras give everyone the power to create art.

Uses For Your Smart Phone Camera

Beyond just taking selfies, you can discover plenty of uses for the camera on your smart phone, including:

  • Document your journey – anywhere
  • Share ideas with friends – text them a photo of your outfit and ask their approval
  • Build your small business profile on Instagram – post snaps of your latest creations
  • Improve your health – send a picture of your injury to the doctor for treatment advice
  • Capture a moment – the brilliance of a dramatic sunset only lasts a few minutes

There is no limit to what you can accomplish with your smart phone camera. The best part is that it is always with you, so you won’t miss an opportunity to document a scene or create a work of art.

The first cell phone with a built in camera no doubt received criticism. Why would you want a camera in your phone? Now, we can’t imagine a smart phone without the capability of taking and sending still photos and video. Phone cameras are just one more thing you didn’t know you needed until you got one.

If you need help with your smart phone camera or any other features on your cell phone, stop into iRepair in the Trincity Mall. Our technicians can show you the optimal way to use your phone’s features or help you choose a new phone or accessory.