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T-Mobile Is Giving A Share Of Its Stock To Every Customer

By iRepair | Jun 07 2016

Yes, you herd it right! T-Mobile is giving a share of its stock to every customer. Every postpaid account holder will get a share of common stock in the company. Each T-Mobile stock is currently trading at $43 while writing this report. A new customer will also get a share when they sign-up with the company. Above that a customer who is with the company for over 5 years will get two shares. Customers can also refer new users and again get more shares. This will be maximum of 100 shares per year. The share security will be saved and held in a brokerage account with LOYAL3 Securities. Stockholders can later hold, sell or transfer there shares to other brokerage accounts if they wish.

That’s not all, the company has also started T-Mobile Tuesday where they run a give away campaign. The free stuff can be from Windy’s, StubHub, Domino’s etc. The free products can be icecream, movie tickets, etc. Analyst believe that the free stuff is more likely to be at a discounted price for T-Mobile or even given for free by the brands as a promotion.

If you have already tried T-Mobile’s wifi calling features then you get more free stuff. According to the announcement by the company users who have tired wifi calling feature will get an hour of free GoGo internet whenever they fly. GoGo is already working on fixing its internet speeds, though not a great offer but still it counts as something towards it’s users. All these offers will definitely help its sales and trip new users in its favor.