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Tips for Getting More Battery Life Out of Your Smart Phone

By iRepair | Sep 16 2018

We rely on our smart phones for so much: keeping us in touch with friends and family, searching for information and answers, taking selfies, and even checking out the weather. Right after worrying about finding a place with a strong signal, our biggest concern is how long our battery charge will last. For both Android phones and iPhones, there are a lot of tips out there for getting the longest battery life and here are a few of them:


Always make sure your phone has the latest updates. Updates may contain fixes for problems and issues that are putting a drain on your battery. Regularly updating will help ensure your phone is running as smoothly as possible, thereby conserving your battery life.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Like Goldilocks, lithium-ion batteries like temperatures that are just right. Too low and the ions inside the battery move sluggishly through the electrolyte slowing everything down. Too high and the battery gets “juiced” but the battery’s degradation accelerates. On tropical islands you need to make sure to keep your phone out of direct sunlight and as cool as possible.

Reduce screen brightness

Phones these days come with amazing displays full of color and movement, however all this amazing-ness comes at a cost to your battery. You can easily turn down the screen brightness a bit without losing too much.

Turn off GPS/Location services

If you are not traveling and needing to use mapping services to find your way, turn off the GPS/location services. You can also check out which apps track your location, and if they don’t really need to know where you are minute by minute, disable their ability to do so.

Reset your screen timeout or auto lock modes

If you are not using your phone, yet it is sitting there brightly using up lots of power, you need to take action. Reset your screen timeout or auto lock modes to a specific amount of time that the phone will stay “awake” when not actively being used.

Disable Bluetooth

Unless you need your phone to connect to a Bluetooth device, disable that function.

Turn on the power saving or low power mode

Scroll through your phone’s settings to see if you can choose a power savings mode that can extend the battery life, sometimes by a lot. Try the different modes to see which one works best for you.

Use Airplane Mode

If you are in an area with spotty service, put your phone into airplane mode so it doesn’t waste battery life continually searching for service that is just not there.

What is draining your battery?

Again, visit your phone’s settings where you will be able to see a listing of applications in the order of their power usage. If you see apps that you do not, or rarely, use, you can uninstall them or put those apps into sleep mode.

Check out battery usage or device maintenance settings

Your phone can run a diagnostic which will show you any issues that are keeping your phone from running at its best and it may be able to fix those issues.

Questions? Need advice?

As always, if you have questions or need advice about your phone’s settings and the best way to keep your phone running optimally, stop in to iRepair at the Trincity Mall where the technicians can give you the right answers.

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