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When to Repair Versus Replace Your Cell Phone

By iRepair | Sep 16 2018

Your phone’s speed is lagging, your screen might be cracked, or your phone is just not the latest model. These are a few of the reasons that might lead you to question whether it’s better to repair your phone or to simply replace it. Here are a few factors to consider when making this decision:


We all know a new smart phone is an expensive investment. So, would it make more financial sense to look into repairing your phone instead?

Are you only dealing with a cracked screen? Repairing a screen could cost around $100, which is much less than the cost of a new phone. Common fixes may be much cheaper than you might expect.

Are parts of your phone just not working? For this, you will need to speak with a reputable cell phone repair shop. Getting a repair estimate will help clarify the new mobile phone cost versus repair cost question.

Storage / Speed

Have you run out of room on your phone to store your music, apps, or videos? If your phone has a slot for a storage card, you can purchase a larger capacity card which would be a quick, and relatively inexpensive, solution. You can also download items to the Cloud, a photo storage program, or to your computer which will also free up space.

Has your phone slowed down? It could simply be a matter of not keeping the phone updated. Check your settings to see if your phone is up-to-date. If an update is not the issue, you should have the phone checked out at a cell phone repair shop to see if there might be an easy fix.

Carrier Upgrade

One thing to check out is to see if your carrier offers a periodic upgrade to a newer model. There may be fees involved, but it would be a cheaper way to get a new phone. Of course, your carrier will require that you sign up for an additional period, which is usually another two years. Make sure you are okay with that.

Selling old/broken phones

If the repair shop deems your phone a loss, you may be able to sell it even if it’s broken. Check out a cell phone purchasing service to see how much your phone might be worth to them.

Consider the time involved

Your phone is important to you. You use it for everything: phone calls, photos, and for obtaining information. So, you should check out how much time it would take to repair the phone. Then think about how much time it would take you to setup a new device with installing all your apps and settings. If the repair is a quick one that can be done on the spot, then it would make sense to go ahead and fix it.

Talk to a professional

Repairing your device may be the more efficient and money-saving route. The only way to know for sure is to speak with a good cell phone repair shop, like iRepair in the Trincity Mall. Use them as a valuable and cost saving resource.